čtvrtek 16. července 2015

Maintaining the mussels’ biotope – scything

Around freshwater pearl mussels streams, June is traditionally dedicated to scything, so we did not hesitate either and were busy mowing, raking, making hay cocks, pulling and stacking grass into composts the size of an elephant. We also continued building new temporary compost piles, most of the sturdy metal structures are standing already. The effort to involve dog helpers did not turn out very well but at least they provided amusement when they happened not to be asleep. More in the photo gallery.In photos 6 and 8, notice the extreme patchwork mowing between the devil’s bit scabiouses, in other words cutting and raking around the individual tufts –try it! But marsh fritillaries (Euphydryas aurinia) certainly rejoiced in preserving enough plants for their caterpillars…

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