čtvrtek 21. dubna 2016

Supporting brown trout population

One of the problems of the Aš region pearl mussel population is the lack of young trout. That’s because they are hosts to pearl mussel larvae, glochidia. That’s why supporting trout population was also part of the project. The fishermen of the local organisation of the Czech Fishing Union caught several adult fish in the Aš region watercourses and let them spawn. Part of the fertilised eggs were bred in a hatchery and another part were placed straight into streams in special breeding facilities. Young trout, hatched in alevins and then grown into fry and parr right in the streams, showed bigger viability and they are used to natural environment which makes this method more suitable, in spite of requiring more finances as well as time. Eventually the young trout are released. We believe they will help pearl mussels in the Aš region survive.

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